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ISPF (z/OS) – TSO/ISPF Operation Assessment 2.5


1 hour


This assessment measures the student’s general ability to use ISPF to create and modify data sets.


This assessment is designed for data center staff or other IT specialists that are required to access and modify partitioned, sequential, VSAM or z/OS UNIX data sets and files.


A good knowledge of data set manipulation tasks available within ISPF including data set; creation, deletion and attribute modification. Knowledge of data entry and modification techniques for data sets is also required.

The following Interskill courses have been used as reference for this assessment:

  • ISPF (z/OS) – TSO and ISPF Basics 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Configuring ISPF for General Use 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Displaying and Manipulating Data in View and Edit Mode 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Using Edit Primary Commands 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Advanced ISPF Data Editing Techniques 2.5

Additional on-the-job training in the areas above should also be undertaken to prepare you for scenario based questions that have been included in this assessment.


This assessment covers the following topics:

  • Displaying data using browse and edit functions
  • DSLIST functionality
  • Edit line and primary commands
  • Copy, move, compare, and search-for functions

Course Content

TSO/ISPF Operation Assessment