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JCL (z/OS) – JCL Concepts Assessment 2.5


.5 Hour



This assessment tests the student’s general knowledge of how JCL is used, and syntax of common JCL statements.


This assessment is designed for data center staff that require a basic understanding of the function of JCL and how it is created and invoked.


A good general knowledge of JCL and input and output data set requirements. The following Interskill courses have been used as reference for this assessment:

  • JCL (z/OS) – Introduction to z/OS JCL 2.5

Additional on-the-job training in the areas above should also be undertaken to prepare you for scenario based questions that have been included in this assessment.


This assessment covers the following topics:

  • Basic use of JCL
  • Commonly used JCL statements
  • Creating and storing JCL
  • Data set types

Course Content

JCL Concepts Assessment