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SDSF – Monitoring Job Activity Using SDSF Assessment 2.5


1 hour


This assessment measures the student’s general knowledge of SDSF and contains questions that focus on accessing and navigating this SDSF, as well as SDSF screen configuration.


This assessment is designed for data center staff responsible for monitoring and managing batch activity and associated job output, using SDSF.


The following Interskill courses have been used as reference for this assessment:

  • SDSF – Monitoring System Health 2.5
  • SDSF – Handling JES2 Resource and System Requests 2.5
  • SDSF – Controlling Spool 2.5
  • SDSF – Managing Network Activity 2.5
  • SDSF – Displaying System Information, and Storage Devices 2.5

Additional on-the-job training in the areas above should also be undertaken to prepare you for scenario-based questions that have been included in this assessment.


This assessment covers the following topics:

  • Using various SDSF panels to display and monitor job activity
  • Methods used to modify, control, and manage job workflow
  • Using SDSF to display and modify output
  • Controlling printer attributes and activity

Course Content

Monitoring Job Activity Using SDSF Assessment