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Systems Auditor – RACF – Experienced 2.5

Systems Auditor – RACF – Experienced 2.5

This badge earner has a solid understanding of the capabilities of RACF and how it is configured to protect mainframe resources. They understand how RACF options are defined and are aware of basic RACF database management tasks to be performed. The individual understands the auditing roles that can be assigned to users, and the controls and options that determine which mainframe events are logged. They can also unload SMF records, and RACF database content, and run ICETOOL audit reports.

Earning Criteria

  • Security – Introduction to Mainframe Security 2.5
  • Cryptography – Pervasive Encryption z/OS 2.5
  • RACF – Introduction 2.5
  • RACF – Defining and Managing Users in RACF 2.5
  • RACF – Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities 2.5
  • RACF – Protecting Data Sets Using RACF 2.5
  • RACF – Protecting General Resources Using RACF 2.5
  • RACF – Managing Digital Certificates 2.5
  • RACF – RACF and z/OS UNIX 2.5
  • RACF – For System Programmers 2.5
  • RACF – For Auditors 2.5

Estimated Duration: 36 Hours

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