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Accessing IMS Databases from COBOL


3 hours


The Accessing IMS Databases from COBOL course details the structure and use of an IMS/DB database. It gives examples of the DL/I data access language and shows how to use DL/I in COBOL programs to read and update IMS data. The concept of backup and recovery, particularly in the context of batch programming runs, is also explained.


COBOL Programmers who need to work with IMS databases.


The learner should have a solid knowledge of IMS database concepts and methods used to access an IMS database. This content can be obtained from the IMS Database course in the IMS curriculum.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how a COBOL program access an IMS database
  • Code a COBOL program to reference and manipulate IMS database data
  • Describe how IMS Database recovery is performed following a COBOL program error

Course Content

Introducing DL/I

DL/I Functions
PCB Mask
Segment I/O Area
Produce a DL/I Call
Coding a Simple COBOL DL/I Batch Program

Extended DL/I Functions

DL/I Command Codes
DL/I Status Codes
How to Delete and Replace Segments
How to Access Lower Levels in a Hierarchy
Secondary Indexing
Logical Databases

IMS Backout and Recovery

Recovery Concepts and Procedures
Restart Concepts and Procedures

Accessing IMS Databases from COBOL Mastery Test