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AIX Fundamentals


5 hours


This course is designed to provide a system administrator with no prior AIX experience an introduction to the background and the fundamental components of AIX. The course covers essential knowledge including concepts, system access and management, and commonly used administrative commands.


New AIX Administrators or learners with an interest in understanding AIX environments.


No prior knowledge is assumed, however it is expected that the learner will have at least some familiarity with elements of IT infrastructure, e.g. servers, networks, storage.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts and components of AIX
  • Manage typical AIX administration tasks
  • Understand how to access an AIX system
  • Describe how to use the vi editor and the shell
  • Describe commonly used utilities and commands

Course Content

Concepts of AIX

Introduction to AIX
The Role of the AIX System Administrator
Typical AIX Administration Tasks
Documentation Resources

AIX Systems – Management, Installation, and Backup

AIX, POWER Hardware, and Virtualization
The Shell and vi Editor
Accessing an AIX System
Using SMIT

Getting Started with AIX

The LVM and Storage

AIX Filesystems and the Logical Volume Manager

Concepts of File Systems and File Permissions
The Logical Volume Manager Explained
Volume Groups, Logical Volumes, and File Systems

More AIX Concepts, Utilities, and Commands

Users and Groups
Processes and Jobs
AIX Utilities
Commonly User Administrator Commands

AIX Fundamentals Mastery Test