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Blockchain Technologies


4 hours


The Blockchain Technologies course provides you with a solid understanding of the business issues surrounding the emergence of blockchain, explaining its value and general structure. It then describes applications that are currently using this technology and provides an insight into its potential. For those just starting out, it suggests existing frameworks and platforms where blockchain can run, and because blockchain is still in its infancy, where more information of this topic can be obtained. The last module covers the more technical aspects of blockchain, discussing the use of hashes, block content, and how blockchain data is created and distributed throughout the network.


This course is suitable for a wide range of people – from business managers to general IT workers, who need both an overview of blockchain capabilities and a technical view inside blockchain processing.




After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe basic blockchain structure and functionality
  • Identify existing and potential blockchain applications
  • Describe how hashes and blocks are used in the blockchain process

Course Content

Introduction to Blockchain

Blockchain’s Value
Distributed Ledger Technology
General Blockchain Structure
Security and Blockchain
Trusted/Permissioned and Trustless/Permissionless Blockchain Networks/> Blockchain Evolution
Blockchain and Bitcoin

Embracing Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts
Real Applications Using Blockchain
Blockchain Potential
Blockchain Adoption
Organizations Already Using Blockchain
Existing Blockchain Frameworks
Hyperledger Fabric
Other Hyperledger Frameworks
Blockchain Tools
Blockchain in the Cloud
Learning About Blockchain

How Blockchain Works

Hashes and Blockchain Hash Properties
The Blockchain Process
Addressing Blocks
Block Contents
Sending and Validating Transactions
Adding Transactions to a Block
Adding Blocks to the Blockchain
Proof of Work
Proof of Stake

Blockchain Technologies Mastery Test