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CICS TS – Programming Basics 5.6


6 hours


The CICS TS – CICS Programming Basics course provides an overview of the CICS Transaction Server product and describes how it is used to process work. It looks at the application code required for programs working with CICS, using various programming languages. It also describes the major interfaces used to interact with this product.


Application programmers requiring introductory knowledge about the concepts of the CICS Transaction Server, and how it can be used to deliver legacy and newer, web-based solutions.


Completion of the following Interskill course, or equivalent knowledge:

  • IBM (z/OS) – Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment
  • Ability to program in at least one mainframe programming language


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the CICS environment and how transactions are used to process work
  • Identify how CICS programs are prepared for execution
  • Describe how commands are used to request CICS services
  • Identify interfaces that can provide access to CICS
  • Describe how Java programs are coded to run in CICS, and use CICS services

Course Content

Introducing CICS Programming

Platforms Supporting CICS
CICS Services
Supported Programming Languages
CICS Transaction Processing
CICS Environment
CICS Program Execution

Getting Started with CICS Programs

Invoking CICS from Programming Languages
Calling CICS Services
Coding Restrictions
Preparing CICS Programs for Execution
CICS Translator
Compile and Bind
Java and CICS

Getting Started with CICS Commands

Relationship Between Commands and CICS Services
Display and Communication Services
File and Database Services
Commands used to Request CICS Services
CICS Command Syntax and Arguments
CVDA Constant
Command Responses
CICS Commands for C++, Java, REXX, and PHP

Introducing CICS Interfaces

Types of CICS Interfaces
3270 Emulators
Accessing IMS Databases
CICS Sockets
CICS Web Support and Services
External CICS Interface (EXCI)
ONC and DCE Remote Procedure Calls
CICS Universal Client
CICS Transaction Gateway

Getting Started with Java and CICS

CICS Java Programming Differences
Java Code Pages
Java Limitations
Preparing and Compiling Java Programs
Java on TXSeries and z/OS
WebSphere Liberty Server
CICS Security Token Service

CICS TS – Programming Basics Mastery Test