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CICS TS – Using SDF II to Maintain CICS TS Maps 5.6


2 hours


This course provides you with an overview of the SDF II product and describes how it is used to create BMS maps.


Application developers and systems administrators that need to create and maintain code associated with terminal communications.


Completion of the CICS TS – CICS Terminal Communications course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how SDF II is used to create structured screens
  • Design a CICS BMS map using SDF II

Course Content

Introduction to SDF II

Screen Based Development Issues
IBM Screen Definition Facility (SDF) II
SDF II Walkthrough
Importing Existing Structures into SDF II
SDF II Primary Panel
Configuring SDF II Defaults
Creating and Storing Completed Definitions

Using SDF II Step by Step

Defining SDF Libraries to Store Definitions
Creating a New Panel
Defining Panel Characteristics
Formatting the Panel
Defining Map Layout
Creating and Editing Fields
Testing Completed Panels
Generating the Map

CICS TS – Using SDF II to Maintain CICS TS Maps Mastery Test