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CLISTS Introduction


6 hours


The CLISTS Introduction course introduces the Command LIST (CLIST) interpreted language for the z/OS environment. It examines the commands and statements used by the CLIST language. It also shows how it can be used in conjunction with TSO commands and facilities to assist the general operations of z/OS.


Operations and programming personnel requiring an introduction to CLISTS


Knowledge of the MVS operating system and TSO/ISPF


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits and facilities of CLISTS
  • Recognize commands and statements to use CLISTS effectively

Course Content

Introduction to CLISTS

How to Create CLISTS
How to Invoke CLISTS – Implicit/ Explicit

Generalizing CLISTS

Symbolic Variables
The Proc Statement
Symbolic Substitution

CLISTS Commands

The Write Statements
The Set Statements
CLISTS Built-In Functions

Environment and Nested Procedures

The Control Statement, Procedures
Exit Routines – Error/ Attention Exits
Passing Control Options
Passing Variables – Global Variables and Parameters

Terminal and File Processing

The WRITENR Statement
The READ Statement
The SYSDVAL Statement
The READVAL Statement
The TERMIN Statement
The ALLOCATE Statement
The OPENFILE Statement
The GETFILE Statement
The PUTFILE Statement
The CLOSFILE Statement
The FREE Statement