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COBOL Programming – Basics


6 hours


The COBOL Programming Basics course introduces the COBOL language and its basic structure. It describes the syntax and use of program logic statements in the procedure division of a COBOL program. It examines the standard loop and conditional statements, and the available arithmetic operations. It also describes the use of basic screen and printing instructions.


Entry-level Programmers requiring an overview of the COBOL language structure and basic programming techniques.


Basic knowledge of programming, databases, files, and transactional systems.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the four COBOL program divisions and describe their purpose
  • Describe the code that can be used in the Procedure Division
  • Construct conditions to execute procedures within a COBOL program
  • Describe how the MOVE verb is used to copy data
  • Identify the types of arithmetic operations that can be performed within COBOL
  • Use COBOL features to accept keyboard input and display screen output

Course Content

Introduction To COBOL

The History of COBOL
The Four Program Divisions
Basic Syntax


Traditional COBOL Program Structure
Paragraphs and Sections

Program Control

Program Control Verbs
Conditions and Conditional Execution

Instructions and Procedures

Move Instruction
Data Editing


Arithmetic Instructions ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, and DIVIDE
Compute and More Complex Formulae

Interactive Input and Output

Screen Dialog, DISPLAY, and ACCEPT
Time and Date Input Using ACCEPT

Cobol Programming – Basics Mastery Test