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Containers – Introduction to Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes


1 hour



In this course, you will see how containers allow applications to be packaged with prerequisite software and tools for easier deployment. You will also learn how Docker enables developers to easily pack, ship, and run these containers, and how tools such as Kubernetes assists in managing them.


System programmers and IT specialists responsible for configuring, implementing and deploying containers.


A general understanding of operating system virtualization concepts.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe How Containers Are Structured and the Role That Docker Plays
  • Describe Container Orchestration and How Kubernetes Achieves This

Course Content

Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes

Introduction to Containers
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Containers
Docker Engine Runtime
Other Popular Runtimes
OCI and Runtime Specification
Building Containers
Open Container Initiative (OCI)
Container Distribution
Application and System Containers
Container Orchestration
Kubernetes Basics
Replica Sets
Kubernetes Deployments