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Db2 – Introduction to RDBMSs and Db2 v12


4 hours


The Introduction to RDBMSs and Db2 course describes from a Database Administrator’s (DBA) viewpoint how Db2 is used and the types of Db2-related tasks that the DBA performs. The course also looks at Db2’s system configuration requirements and how it is implemented in a z/OS environment.


Programmers, DBAs, operations analysts, business analysts, and any other personnel requiring a systems introduction to RDBMs and Db2.


General knowledge of information technology concepts, the z/OS environment, and programming.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • How a Db2 relational database is structured
  • The environments into which Db2 can be installed
  • How Db2 data is accessed
  • How Db2 is configured and accessed in a z/OS environment

Course Content

Introduction to Db2 Relational Databases and SQL

The Concepts of a Relational Database
The Role of the DBA
SQL Statement Introduction

The Db2 Server Alternatives

The Platforms That Db2 Run On
Storage Methods Used by Db2

Db2 for z/OS Implementation

The Unique Aspects of Db2 on z/OS
Unique Storage Requirements on z/OS
SQL Preparation in a z/OS Environment

Db2 – Introduction to RDBMSs and Db2 v12 Mastery Test