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Db2 – Manage Data Definitions with Db2 v12


6 hours


The Manage Data Definitions with Db2 course describes how SQL is used to define a Db2 database and its associated objects. It looks at SQL statement syntax and the methods used to invoke SQL statements.


Programmers and DBAs requiring training in defining and building Db2 databases


Completion of the ‘Introduction to RDBMSs and Db2’ course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use SQL code to create databases, table spaces and tables
  • Identify Db2 table and index attributes
  • Identify database definitions

Course Content

Defining Database Objects

Db2 Objects
SQL Statements
Creating a Basic Database

DDL – Defining a Table

Table Structure
Db2 Data Types
Create a Table
Create an Index
Drop a Table
Alter a Table

Referential Integrity

Primary, Unique and Foreign Keys
Referential Integrity
Check Constraints

Using SPUFI and Db2 Data Studio to Access Db2

Running SQL Statements on the Mainframe Using SPUFI
IBM Data Studio and Db2

Viewing Database Objects – The Catalog

Tables and Views Associated with the Db2 Catalog
Using SQL to Display Db2 Catalog Tables
Using IBM Data Studio to Display Db2 Catalog Information

Db2 – Manage Data Definitions with Db2 v12 Mastery Test