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Db2 – Managing Db2 Operations v12


4 hours


The Managing Db2 Operations course looks at Db2 from an Operations viewpoint, describing Db2 startup and shutdown, common operator tasks, message interpretation and restart and recovery considerations. A number of commands used to analyze the status of Db2 components are discussed as well as the facilities associated with backup, recovery and restart.


Operations staff responsible for monitoring and managing Db2.


Basic knowledge of Data Processing concepts. Completion of the Db2 Fundamentals course, or equivalent knowledge


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the general Db2 tasks performed by the Operator
  • Identify how to start and stop the Db2 subsystem
  • Display Db2 status and attributes
  • Identify how to backup, recover and restart the Db2 subsystem

Course Content

General Db2 Operations

Understanding Db2 Implementation
Db2 Startup Parameters
Common Operator Tasks
Entering Db2 Operator Commands
Interpreting Db2 Messages
Starting and Stopping Db2
Db2 Restart and Recovery Overview

Monitoring and Resolving Db2 Operational Problems

Displaying Database Status and Attributes
Starting and Stopping a Database
Displaying Buffer Pool Status
Displaying Utility Activity
Displaying Log Status
Displaying the Status of Threads
Canceling Threads
Modifying Log Defaults
Terminating Utilities

Identifying and Resolving Db2 System Problems

Db2 Problem Scenarios
Gathering Data for Problem Diagnosis
Running Db2 Dumps
Starting and Stopping Db2 Traces
Db2 Backup
Db2 Recovery Processes

Db2 – Managing Db2 Operations v12 Mastery Test