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IBM i – System Administration Fundamentals


4 hours


The IBM i System Administrator Fundamentals course introduces the learner to administrator tasks they will be expected to perform and begins with the basics; the role of the IBM i system administrator, configuration, backup and recovery strategies, and monitoring tools.


IBM i System Administrators or those needing to perform administrator tasks.


Familiarity with the IBM i 5250 green screen command, IBM i Access for Windows, and/or IBM Navigator for i is assumed.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the role of IBM i System Administrator
  • Identify tools used by Administrators
  • Effectively work with Management Central

Course Content

The Role of IBM i System Administrator

System Set-up
Company Security Policy
Back Up Strategies
Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
Upgrades and Fixes
System Performance
Capacity Planning


System Identification
TCP Settings
System Values
Start Up Program
Create Additional System Server Tool Users
Create Additional Security Officer Users

System Tools

System Tools Used by Administrators
Additional IBM Products
Third Party Products

IBM i System Administration Fundamentals Mastery Test