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IBM Z – Hardware Models – z14


2 hours


This course introduces the IBM z14 mainframe server, describing its capabilities and features. It then focuses on the key z14 hardware components and the I/O structure used to transport data through the system.


This course is for Operators, System Programmers, or System Administrators that require a technical understanding of the IBM z14 mainframe, its components, and how it processes data.


Successful completion of the IBM Z – Introduction to the IBM Z Systems course, or similar knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the key features of the z14
  • List the main components of the z14 and z14 ZR1, and their differences
  • Describe the technology used to move data through a z14 mainframe

Course Content

z14 Mainframe and Components

z14 configurations
Capacity settings
Temporary and permanent capacity upgrades
Data security
Frame configuration
Processor drawers
Single chip module
Processor unit configurations

z14 I/O and Entry-Level System Comparison

Channel Subsystem
CPC drawer connectivity
PCIe I/O drawers
zHyperlink Express
FICON Express
RoCE Express
zEDC Express
z14 ZR1 entry-level system
Entry-level mainframe comparison

IBM Z – Hardware Models – z14 Mastery Test