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IDz – Creating and Managing Applications Using IDz


4 hours


This course describes the methods used to create, manage and maintain applications under IDz. It provides details on the benefits of projects and subprojects within IDz and the application tasks that can be performed within this structure. IDz testing and debugging capabilities are discussed in detail, in particular the ZUnit testing framework, and the IBM z/OS Debugger. The final module addresses the IDz features that allow you to create applications for Db2, CICS, and IMS.


Designed for application development personnel preparing to use IBM Developer for z/OS.


Completion of the following Datatrain courses:

  • IDz – IBM Developer for z/OS Basics

or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this module the student should be able to describe how:

  • Applications can be developed using IDz
  • Applications are executed, tested and debugged using IDz
  • Db2, CICS, and IMS applications are developed under IDz

Course Content

Creating Applications

Using the Remote Systems View to build applications
Project-orientated application development
Steps to creating an application
Source Code Management (SCM) software and IDz

Testing and Debugging Applications

Simple application testing
Introducing ZUnit
Generating and executing ZUnit Test cases
Verifying ZUnit Test results
Importing test data to ZUnit
z/OS Debugger
The Debug Perspective
Controlling program execution and breakpoints
Viewing and modifying variables, registers, and memory
Code coverage

IDz with Db2, CICS, and IMS

Db2, CICS, and IMS editor features and wizards
Compiling and binding Db2, CICS, and IMS applications
Running SQL
Browse and edit Db2 tables
Diagram Tool
Creating and deploying Db2 stored procedures
CICS Explorer
Creating CICS BMS map sets
CICS BMS Map Editor
Creating IMS MFS definitions
IMS MFS Map Editor

IDz – Creating and Managing Applications Using IDz Mastery Test