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Introduction to Sampling Performance Tools


1 hour


This course introduces sampling-based performance tools such as Compuware Strobe, IBM Application Performance Analyzer, and Macro4 FreezeFrame, which are available for z/OS environments. It describes what these tools are, the information that they provide, and how this assists with application performance tuning. It includes information on the tools currently available, performance implications when using them, and how to minimize any impact they may have on the system. It also steps through how sampling sessions can be started, and the key parameters for such sessions.


Existing mainframe application programmers with a knowledge of z/OS and z/OS application development.


Completion of the following Interskill courses: z/OS Concepts and Components and IBM Development Environment


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe what sampling tools are, and how they work
  • Identify sampling tools currently available
  • Describe how to start a sampling tool session
  • Explain the performance implications when using sampling tools

Course Content

Introduction to Sampling Performance Tools

The Need for Sampling Tools
Common Sampling-Based Performance Tools
How Sampling is Performed
Information Obtained Through Sampling
Running a Sampling Session
Sampling Parameters
Minimizing the Performance Impact of Sampling