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ISPF (z/OS) – TSO and ISPF Basics 2.5


3 hours



The TSO and ISPF Basics course explains the purpose of TSO and ISPF, and describes how each of these products is accessed. Common TSO commands are presented, providing scenarios where they are used. ISPF screen navigation using commands, and the ISPF Action Bar, are also discussed.


Anyone requiring an introduction to TSO and ISPF.




After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of TSO and ISPF
  • Describe how TSO and ISPF are accessed
  • Identify common TSO commands
  • Navigate ISPF panels using various navigation techniques

Course Content

TSO Concepts and Commands

Identify and Logon to TSO
Use a Basic Set of TSO Commands
Allocate and Create Data Sets Using TSO Commands
Transmit Data Sets to Other Systems

Introduction to TSO/ISPF

Logon and Identify ISPF and its Screen Formatting
Navigate the Commonly Used ISPF Screens
Using the Action Bar

ISPF (z/OS) – TSO and ISPF Basics 2.5 Mastery Test