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ISPF (z/OS) – Using Edit Primary Commands 2.5


3 hours



The Using Edit Primary Commands course describes the commands used to display and update data in ISPF edit mode. This function allows you to perform multiple changes to all, or part of the data, being edited. This course also discusses how data from an edit session can be saved, exited without saving, and copied to another data set or partitioned data set member.


IT professionals that use ISPF to perform every-day tasks.


Successful completion of the Displaying and Manipulating Data in View and Edit Mode course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Locate and modify data in Edit mode
  • Copy data to and from Edit mode
  • Save and cancel changes made in an Edit session

Course Content

ISPF Edit Primary Commands for Locating and Changing Data

Use Simple Find and Change Commands and String Patterns
Use Label, Line, and Column Limiters to Control the Scope of Find and Change Commands
Use Excluded Lines to Assist in the Management of Data Being Edited

ISPF Edit Primary Commands for Managing Internal and External Data

Use the UNDO Facility of ISPF Edit
Pass Data To and From External Data Sets
Create New Data from Existing Content
Use the Clipboard to Copy and Paste Data
Save, Cancel, and End an Edit Session

ISPF (z/OS) – Using Edit Primary Commands 2.5 Mastery Test