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JCL (z/OS) – Running and Debugging JCL 2.5


3 hours



In previous JCL courses you have been presented with many examples of the types of errors that can be produced when running your JCL. This course consolidates many of these and looks at general problem and resolution practices associated with batch job submission, resource allocation, and abends. JCL restarts are also discussed, identifying any processing clean-up that needs to be performed, and the methods used to rerun or restart your job.


Operators and programmers who need to know how to code, submit, and resolve problems associated with JCL batch jobs.


Completion of all other JCL courses in this curricula, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify common JCL errors and describe how they can be resolved
  • Restart a job from a specific step

Course Content

Running and Debugging Your JCL

Using Job Groups for Scheduling
Submitting your Job
INCLUDE Statement for Adding JCL at Submission
Common Job Submission Problems
General Viewing of Job Output
Using the NOTIFY and EMAIL Parameters
Error Messages in Output
Job Conversion Errors
IBM Z JCL Expert
JCL Processing Issues
Abends and Dumps
Interpreting Errors

Restarting JCL

Restart Issues to Consider
Overriding DD Statements
Restarting from a Step
Restarting from Within a Procedure
Common Restart Errors

JCL (z/OS) – Running and Debugging JCL 2.5 Mastery Test