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JES2 – Command Simulations v2.4


2 hours


A number of simulations are provided that the student can use to assess their skills and knowledge in relation to the entering of commands, and interpretation of output produced, when monitoring and manipulating the JES2 subsystem and its resources.


Junior and senior operators responsible for monitoring z/OS system activity and resolving day-to-day z/OS system issues using console commands.


Completion of Interskill’s JES2 Series courses, or equivalent knowledge, and a solid understanding of the z/OS operating system.


After completing these simulations, the student should be able to enter JES2 commands and analyze responses in order to:

  • Monitor JES2 resource status
  • Identify and resolve JES2-related problems
  • Maintain JES2 integrity

Course Content

Sim 1 – Responding to a JES2 Abend

Sim 2 – Shutting Down JES2 as a Result of it Stalling on Initialization

Sim 3 – Recovering from a JES2 Resource Shortage

Sim 4 – Recovering from a JES2 Spool Shortage

Sim 5 – Invoking the JES2 Checkpoint Reconfiguration to Redefine Primary and Alternate Data Sets

Sim 6 – Diagnosing and Resolving RJE Line Problems

Sim 7 – Displaying and Modifying Printer Attributes

Sim 8 – Modifying the Status of Job Queues to Avoid Batch Jobs Running in an Incorrect Order