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JES2 – Identifying and Resolving JES2 System Problems 2.5


5 hours



This course looks at JES2 initialization parameters used to define JES2 system resources and the subsequent JES2 commands used to display and resolve problems that occur with these items. The JES2 shutdown process is revisited in more detail, providing information on problem resolution techniques if JES2 cannot be shut down gracefully.


Operators and systems programmers requiring the knowledge to resolve system related JES2 problems.


Basic knowledge of the z/OS system and successful completion of the JES2 – JES2 System Initialization and Shutdown course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of JES2 PROCLIB and PARMLIB definitions
  • Describe the tasks performed during JES2 initialization
  • Resolve simple JES2 allocation, parameter, and checkpoint errors during initialization
  • Describe the JES2 shutdown process

Course Content

JES2 Data Set Requirements

JES2 Procedure
Displaying PROCLIB Concatenations
Static and Dynamic PROCLIB Concatenations
JES2 PARMLIB Parameters

JES2 Initialization

Typical JES2 Start-up Tasks
Responding to JES2 Start-up Prompts and Requests
JES2MON, JESXCF and JES2AUX Address Spaces

Common JES2 Initialization Problems

Identifying and Resolving PROCLIB Allocation Errors
Resolving PARMLIB Parameter Errors
Resolving Common JES2 Checkpoint Errors

Shutdown Problems

Shutdown Requirements
Identifying Problems During Shutdown
Displaying Shutdown Inhibitors
Stopping JES2 When a Normal Shutdown is Not Possible

JES2 – Identifying and Resolving JES2 System Problems 2.5 Mastery Test