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JES2 – Managing JES2 Checkpoints 2.5


4 hours



This course provides detailed information relating to the function and use of JES2 checkpoints; their placement, and attributes, along with steps required to resolve problems associated with this resource.


Operators and systems programmers requiring the knowledge to resolve batch related JES2 problems.


Basic knowledge of the z/OS system and successful completion of the JES2 – Using JES2 in Scheduling Batch Jobs course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of JES2 checkpoints
  • Update JES2 Checkpoint data sets using the Reconfiguration Dialog
  • Recover from Checkpoint configuration issues when using a Coupling Facility

Course Content

JES2 Checkpoint Concepts and Definition

JES2 Checkpoint Concepts
Displaying the JES2 Checkpoint Level
Displaying JES2 Checkpoint Attributes
Obtaining JES2 Checkpoint Statistics

JES2 Checkpoint Reconfiguration

JES2 Checkpoint Reconfiguration Concepts
Initiating the JES2 Checkpoint Reconfiguration Dialog
Modifying JES2 Checkpoint Attributes

JES2 Checkpoint and Sysplex

Coupling Facility and Checkpointing Concepts
Advantages and Disadvantages of Checkpoints on the Coupling Facility
Checkpoint Volatility Recovery Options

JES2 – Managing JES2 Checkpoints 2.5 Mastery Test