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JES2 – Resolving Network and Spool Space Problems 2.5


3 hours



This course provides you with examples of common JES2 batch job-related problems and explains the process and JES2 commands that are used to display, analyze and resolve those issues.


Operators and systems programmers requiring the knowledge to resolve batch-related JES2 problems.


Successful completion of the JES2 – Controlling JES2 Initiators and Printers 2.5, and JES2 – Managing Batch Processing in a JES2 Environment 2.5 courses, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and resolve spool space shortages
  • Perform common NJE recovery tasks

Course Content

Spool Space Recovery

Identifying Spool Space Shortages and Data to Purge
Reclaiming Spool Space
Offloading and Reloading Spool Files
Extending Spool Data Sets
Migrating Spool Data

NJE Errors and Recovery

Identifying Common NJE Errors
Resolving Hang Situations
Managing Network I/O Issues
Resolving Connection Problems

JES2 – Resolving Network and Spool Space Problems 2.5 Mastery Test