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JES2 – Using JES2 in Scheduling Batch Jobs v2.4


5 hours


This course builds from the previous and discusses some of the more commonly used JES2 commands used to manipulate initiator, printer resources and batch job activity. A focus on the JES2 commands associated with modifying batch job attributes as they progress through the JES2 queues is also provided. The display and management of network related JES2 components is also discussed.


Operators and systems programmers requiring knowledge about the use of JES2 to schedule batch jobs.


Basic knowledge of the z/OS system and successful completion of Interskill’s Storage – Monitoring Batch Jobs with JES2 course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Enter JES2 Commands to Hold, Release, Restart, Modify, Cancel and Purge jobs
  • Modify JES2 Initiator attributes and status, to control job processing
  • Define and modify printer attributes
  • Enter JES2 Commands to display the attributes of NJE networks and their components
  • Manage Batch Jobs Using JES2 Job Scheduling Facilities

Course Content

JES2 Commands to Control Batch Jobs

Releasing a Held Job and Job Group
Removing a Job from the JES2 Queues
Restarting a Job
Holding a Job
Modifying JES2 Job-Related Attributes

JES2 Commands to Control Initiators

Starting and Stopping JES2 Initiators
Halting a JES2 Initiator
Modifying JES2 Initiator Availability and Attributes

JES2 Commands to Control Printers

Interrupting Printer Activity
Modifying Printer Attributes
Controlling Printing Progress
Restarting and Repeating a Print Job

NJE Connectivity

NJE Network Configuration
Identifying Network Nodes
Routing Jobs and Output Through the NJE Network
Managing NJE Network Connectivity

Using JES2 in Scheduling Batch Jobs

Displaying JES2 Job Activity
Managing JES2 Classes and Initiators
Manipulating and Printing Job Output
Basic JES2 Scheduling Capabilities
Displaying Job Group Attributes
Releasing and Monitoring Job Group Activity
Managing Job Group Output
Deadline Scheduling

JES2 – Using JES2 in Scheduling Batch Jobs Mastery Test