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JES3plus – JES3plus for System Operators


1 hour


This course gives system operators insight into JES3plus commands that are used in performing inquiries on jobs and devices, how to modify a job’s properties, and how to vary the status of devices. Also discussed are commands used to start and stop JES3plus and what start options can be used and when.


Operations staff that use JES3plus to control and manage jobs and system resources.


Successful completion of Interskill’s – JES3plus Fundamentals course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Perform inquiries on jobs and devices
  • Modify the properties of a job
  • Vary the status of a device
  • Start and stop JES3plus

Course Content

Monitoring the JES3plus Environment

JES3plus Command Overview and Format
The INQUIRY Command
Inquire on Jobs and the Job Output Queue
Inquire on Devices
The MODIFY Command
Modify the Properties of a Job
Modify the Properties of Job Output
The VARY Command
Vary the Status of Devices
Starting JES3plus
JES3plus Cold Starts and Local Starts
JES3plus Hot Starts
JES3plus Warm Starts
Stopping JES3plus