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Labs – JES2 (z/OS) 2.5


3 hours



The Labs – JES2 (z/OS) labs provide a range of exercises that can be run in your organization’s mainframe training sandbox. Initial exercises focus on entering JES2 commands to manage batch jobs and SYSOUT. In later modules, more advanced JES2 tasks associated with spool offload, JES2 checkpointing and JES2 initialization are presented.


The initial lab is suitable for anyone that uses JES2 to manage batch jobs and output, while other Labs are suitable for senior operators or system programmers.


A solid understanding of JES2 or the successful completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • JES2 – Basics 2.5
  • JES2 – Understanding JES2 Processing 2.5
  • JES2 – Using JES2 Commands 2.5
  • JES2 – Monitoring Jobs, Initiators, and Printers Using JES2 Commands 2.5
  • JES2 – Managing Batch Processing in a JES2 Environment 2.5
  • JES2 – Controlling JES2 Initiators and Printers 2.5
  • JES2 – Resolving Network and Spool Space Problems 2.5
  • JES2 – Managing JES2 Checkpoints 2.5
  • JES2 – Identifying and Resolving JES2 System Problems 2.5
  • JES2 – Advanced – Tips and Tricks 2.5

Each Lab module below contains its own list of prerequisites or equivalent knowledge, which is displayed when accessing the module.


After completing these labs, the student will be able to:

  • Enter basic JES2 commands to identify system activity
  • Display job status and manipulate job attributes
  • Manage JES2 initiators
  • Display and manipulate SYSOUT
  • Display Spool Utilization
  • Perform an Offload of SYSOUT to another device
  • Create automatically issued JES2 commands
  • Display and modify JES2 checkpoint definitions
  • Locate and describe JES2 initialization requirements

Course Content

Lab JES2 (z/OS) – Managing Jobs and Output

Concatenating JES2 Commands
Interpreting JES2 Messages
Displaying System Activity
Releasing Held Jobs
Modifying Job and SYSOUT Attributes
Reset and Cancel a Job

Lab JES2 (z/OS) – Spool Utilization and Offload

Displaying Spool Utilization
Identifying Jobs Using Excessive Spool Space
Displaying Offload Device Status and Attributes
Modifying Offload Data Sets
Configuring SYSOUT and JOB Transmitters and Receivers
Starting the Offload Process
Draining the Offload Device
Recovering SYSOUT from the Offload Device

Lab JES2 (z/OS) – System Programmer JES2 Tasks

Displaying Existing Automatically Issued Commands
Creating and Removing an Automatic Command
Displaying the Current Checkpoint Level
Displaying and Modifying Checkpoint Definition Attributes
Locating the JES2 Procedure
Identifying JES2 Initialization Parameter Purpose
Displaying JES2 Address Space Activity and Status
Displaying JES2 Resource Usage History