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Labs – TSO/ISPF (z/OS) 2.5


4 hours



The TSO/ISPF labs provide a range of exercises that can be run in your organization’s mainframe training sandbox. Initial exercises focus on modifying TSO session defaults and allocating data sets, while later modules deal with copying and manipulating mainframe data using ISPF panels and utilities.


These labs are suitable for anyone using TSO and ISPF in their day-to-day duties.


A solid understanding of TSO and ISPF or the successful completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • ISPF (z/OS) – TSO and ISPF Basics 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Configuring ISPF for General Use 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Displaying and Manipulating Data in View and Edit Mode 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Using Edit Primary Commands 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Advanced ISPF Data Editing Techniques 2.5
  • ISPF (z/OS) – Advanced – Tips and Tricks – TSO 2.5

Note: Each Lab below contains its own list of prerequisites or equivalent knowledge, which is displayed when accessing the module.


After completing these Labs, the student should be able to:

  • Enter TSO commands to display and allocate data sets
  • Modify ISPF session defaults and tailor function keys
  • Search for, and compare, mainframe data
  • Manipulate data using edit line commands

Course Content

Lab ISPF (z/OS) – TSO Defaults and Commands

TSO profile attributes
Creating Data Sets Using TSO Commands
Allocating Data Sets to your TSO Session

Lab ISPF (z/OS) – Configuring the ISPF Session

Modifying ISPF Screen Defaults
Configuring LOG and LIST Data Sets
Creating Personal Data Set and Library Lists
Tailoring Function Keys

Lab ISPF (z/OS) – Managing Data Sets

Using ISPF to Create Sequential and Partitioned Data Sets
Copying Data to a Data Set
Saving Data to a LIST Data Set
Searching for Data Using ISPF Utilities
Comparing Data From Different Sources

Lab ISPF (z/OS) – Editing Mainframe Data

Displaying and Modifying Edit Profiles
Locating and Modifying Data Using ISPF Primary Commands
Creating Software Tabbing
Moving and Inserting Data Within a Data Set
Copying Data Using ISPF Primary Commands