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Labs – z/OS Operator (z/OS) 2.5


2.5 hours



The z/OS Operator labs provide a range of exercises that can be run in your organization’s mainframe training sandbox. Exercises focus on the major tasks performed by the z/OS Operator including responding to system messages, displaying system activity and identifying the status of hardware and software.


These exercises are suitable not only for z/OS Operators but also System Programmers who may need to perform some of these tasks.


A solid understanding of z/OS or the successful completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • z/OS – Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System 2.5
  • z/OS – Displaying z/OS System Activity 2.5
  • z/OS – Advanced z/OS Monitoring Facilities 2.5
  • z/OS – Identifying z/OS System Problems 2.5
  • z/OS – Removing Tasks from the z/OS System 2.5
  • z/OS – Techniques for Handling General z/OS Problems 2.5
  • z/OS – Advanced – Tips and Tricks 2.5

Note: Each Lab below contains its own list of prerequisites or equivalent knowledge, which is displayed when accessing the module.


After completing these Labs, the student should be able to:

  • Identify log activity
  • Respond to common WTORs
  • Display the status of tapes, and DASD, and the paths available to these devices
  • Display and modify system date and time
  • Display system activity
  • Perform tasks in preparation for system shutdown
  • Display and manage SMF data capture
  • Display and modify system date and time
  • Manage message suppression

Course Content

Lab z/OS Operator (z/OS) – Interpreting Log Data and Responding to WTORs

Locating SYSLOG Messages
Interpreting System Messages
Determining Action as a Result of Receiving Messages
Displaying Outstanding WTORs
Responding Correctly to System Requests

Lab z/OS Operator (z/OS) – Obtaining and Modifying System Data

Displaying the Status of Tape and DASD Devices
Displaying Channel Path Configuration
Displaying and Modifying System Date and Time Values
Displaying System Activity
Identifying Active TSO Users
Suppressing TSO User Access
Sending Messages to TSO Users

Lab z/OS Operator (z/OS) – SMF, Dump, and Message Suppression

Displaying the Status of SMF
Switching SMF Data Sets
Displaying Dump Status and Options
Invoking a Dump
Evaluating Dump Success
Displaying Message Processing Facility (MPF) Status
Stopping and Starting MPF