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Labs – z/OS UNIX (z/OS) 2.5


3.5 hours



These z/OS UNIX labs allow the learner to interact with the z/OS UNIX system using several popular interfaces. Tasks include creating and modifying z/OS UNIX files and directories, displaying z/OS UNIX activity and running an interactive script.


These exercises are suitable for application programmers, system programmers, and operations staff that need to interact with z/OS UNIX directories and files.


A solid understanding of the z/OS UNIX environment, or the successful completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • z/OS UNIX – z/OS UNIX System Services Basics 2.5
  • z/OS UNIX – Interacting with the z/OS UNIX System 2.5
  • z/OS UNIX – Working with z/OS UNIX 2.5

Note: Each Lab below contains its own list of prerequisites or equivalent knowledge, which is displayed when accessing the module.


After completing these Labs, the student should be able to:

  • Display z/OS UNIX environment details
  • Display z/OS UNIX directory and file details
  • Create, move, rename, and delete z/OS UNIX files and directories
  • Suspend and delete OMVS sessions
  • Display active processes
  • Create new z/OS UNIX directories and access attributes
  • Create a symbolic link
  • Copy data from a z/OS UNIX file to another
  • Compare z/OS UNIX file data
  • Create and modify z/OS UNIX file attributes using ISPF 3.17
  • Invoke the BPXBATCH utility to create a z/OS UNIX directory
  • Create, test, and execute an interactive script

Lab Content

Lab z/OS UNIX (z/OS) – OMVS Shell

Displaying and Modifying Environment Variables
Hiding/Showing PF Keys
Switching to TSO mode
Viewing Contents of the Current Directory
Creating, Moving, Renaming and Deleting z/OS UNIX Files and Directories
Editing File Data
Searching and Sorting Data
Displaying OMVS Session Values
Suspending and Killing an OMVS Session


Starting an ISHELL Session
Displaying Active Processes
Creating a Directory and Access Attributes Using ISHELL
Renaming a z/OS UNIX File
Creating a Symbolic Link
Copying z/OS UNIX File Data
Comparing z/OS UNIX File Contents

Lab z/OS UNIX (z/OS) – z/OS UNIX Directory List, Batch, and Scripts

Assigning and Modifying File Attributes Using the ISPF z/OS UNIX Directory List
Invoking the BPXBATCH Utility
Creating a Script
Testing and Running and Interactive Script