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Linux Shell Programming


4 hours


The Linux Shell Programming course describes the use of coding components such as variables, parameters, expressions, and functions that can appear within a shell script. Details relating to conditional execution and looping that can be programmed into the script is supplied along with the handling of script errors.


System operators and other personnel who are new to the Linux environment and require knowledge on writing shell scripts


Basic knowledge of Linux


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how to:

  • Use the shell as a programming tool
  • Manipulate custom and standard shell variables
  • Use statements like IF and WHILE for program flow control
  • Write sophisticated programs using shell scripts

Course Content


Using the Shell as a Programming Tool
Creating a Simple Shell Script
Using Variables
Positional Parameters
Arithmetic Expressions
Handling User Input

Flow Control

What is Flow Control?
Conditional Execution of Commands
Test Operators
Multiple Choice Handling

Advanced Topics

Variable Handling Constructs
Extensions to User Input Handling
Handling Errors

Linux Shell Programming Mastery Test