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Mainframe TCP/IP Commands


5 hours


This course provides the learner with a basic understanding of IBM mainframe networks with z/OS. It introduces traditional SNA subarea, SNA APPN networks and mainframe TCP/IP networks, including some of the network equipment associated with each. Current topics such as the future of SNA, and concepts of using TCPIP to transport SNA traffic are also covered. Finally, the learner is introduced to basic VTAM and TCP/IP commands needed to use, control and investigate mainframe networks.


This course is oriented to Systems Programmers and Operators. However anyone needing to understand IBM Mainframe networks will benefit from this course.


Completion of the “IBM Mainframe Communications Concepts” course and basic knowledge of TCP/IP and the IBM operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Issue standard TCP/IP commands such as ping and netstat from the mainframe.
  • Start and Stop TCP/IP and its related processes.
  • Use TCP/IP client applications from the mainframe.
  • Manage TCP/IP server applications from the mainframe.

Course Content

Introducing Mainframe TCP/IP Commands

How TCP/IP runs on the mainframe.
The TCP/IP Daemon
TCP/IP Support Daemons

TCP/IP Daemon Commands

TSO/E and USS Commands
Starting and Stopping TCP/IP
TCP/IP Console Commands

TCP/IP Client Application Commands

Sending and Receiving Files
Accessing Remote Computers
Sending and Receiving emails.

TCP/IP Server Application Commands

FTP and Remote Execution Servers
Telnet Servers
SMTP Servers

Mainframe TCP/IP Commands Mastery Test