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Monitoring and Managing Job Processing


4 hours


The Monitoring and Managing Job Processing course describes how jobs are monitored using the Active Environment screen, looking at job statuses and commands used to manipulate jobs. It then turns to the monitoring and management of other Control-M components, including the log, conditions, and control and quantitative resources. In the final module, an overview of the utilities that run automatically, and those that can be invoked manually, are discussed, as well as the types of reports that can be run, are covered.


Operations and Administrator personnel, or anyone responsible for monitoring their own jobs submitted using Control-M for z/OS.


Successful completion of the Defining and Scheduling Jobs Using Control-M for z/OS course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

    • Describe Active Environment screen commands used to interact with scheduled jobs
    • Search Log information for relevant data
    • Add conditions and resources to Control-M
    • Describe utilities and reports used by Control-M

Course Content

Understanding Control-M for z/OS Job Monitoring Tasks

Active Environment Screen
Identifying Job Status
Wait Conditions
Manual Confirmations
Hold and Free a Job
Job Log Information
Display and Edit Job Definitions Using the ZOOM Command
Job Reruns and Restarts
Displaying Job Statistics
Accessing a Job’s JCL
FORCE and KILL Commands

Monitoring System Activity

Viewing the Log for Information
Filtering the Log
Displaying Conditions and Resources
Adding a Condition
Managing Control Resources
Quantitative Resources
Identifying Jobs Using a Resource
Unresolved Conditions and the Manual Conditions File

Utilities, Reporting, and KeyStroke Language

New Day Maintenance Utilities
User Daily Jobs
Online Utilities
Control-M Parameter Prompting Facilities
Quick Schedule Definition Facility
Control-M/EM Reporting
KeyStroke Reporting Syntax
Running a KeyStroke Report
Pre-defined KeyStroke Reports

Monitoring and Managing Job Processing Mastery Test