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IBM MQ – MQ for Application Programmers


4 hours


This course begins by identifying the basic programming code used by applications to interact with IBM MQ. It describes the MQ messaging process and then delves more heavily into the commands that can be used to get and put MQ messages, and manage MQ objects. Details on programming with MQ in a z/OS environment is provided, explaining core differences when using that platform.


This course is designed primarily for application developers, but will also be of interest to those that require an overview of programming requirements when dealing with IBM MQ.


Successful completion of the Interskill IBM MQ – Introduction to IBM MQ course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe How a Basic Program Uses IBM MQ
  • Create Basic Code to Interact with MQ Resources
  • Identify Code Used in Various MQ Scenarios
  • Identify z/OS Specific MQ Programming Requirements
  • Describe how CICS and IMS Can Interact with MQ

Course Content

Introduction to Programming with IBM MQ

Connecting a Program to MQ
Opening an MQ Resource
Possible Actions on an Open Resource
Closing and Disconnecting from the Resource
Placing Messages on MQ Queues Using MQPUT
Obtaining a Message Using MQGET
Displaying MQ Object details Using MQINQ
Modifying MQ Object Attributes Using MQSET

Issues When Programming with IBM MQ

Defining Constants
Definitions and Declarations
Compiling and Binding Requirements
Methods Used to GET MQ Messages
Persistent and Non-Persistent Messages
MQ Message Conversion Options
Syncpoint Management
Error Handling Code
Dealing with Remote Queues
Request-Reply Scenarios
Report Messages
Publishing and Subscribing
Browsing Queues

Programming with IBM MQ on z/OS

z/OS Programs and Adapters
Supported Programming Languages
Compiling and Binding MQ Programs on z/OS
Java Programs
Accessing MQ using Supplied RESTful interfaces
Reasons Codes
Db2 MQ Listener
Connecting IMS to MQ

IBM MQ – MQ for Application Programmers Mastery Test