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PL/1 Fundamentals and Data Representation


5 hours


The PL/1 Fundamentals and Data Representation course introduces the PL/1 language. It explains the basic building blocks, particularly how data and program storage is represented and defined in the language.


Application programmers who maintain and develop commercial and scientific PL/1 programs


Knowledge of programming concepts and experience with mainframe system architecture


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the basics of a PL/1 program
  • Define data definitions
  • Recognize the operations and expressions
  • Identify arrays and data structures

Course Content

Elements of a PL/1 Program

Overview of Character Sets
PL/1 Program Structure and Syntax
Statements and Groups
Conventions Used to Write a PL/1 Program

Data Definitions – Arithmetic Data Types

Numeric Data Element Identification and Definition
Numeric Representation Including Floating and Fixed Point Variables

Data Definitions – String Data Types

Character and Bit String Identification and Definition
String Data Representation
Repetition Factoring
Picture Specification
Assigning Values to Variables

Operations and Expressions

Arithmetic and String Operator Symbols
Order of Expression Evaluation
Data Type Conversion Concepts
Padding and Truncation

Arrays and Data Structures

Array Definition and Initialization
Referencing Individual Elements
Array Terminology and Subscripts
Operations on Arrays
Data Structure Definition and Initialization
Structure Assignment
Operations on Structures
Arrays of Structures and Structures of Arrays

PL/1 Fundamentals and Data Representation Mastery Test