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PL/1 Program Design Techniques


5 hours


The PL/1 Program Design Techniques course builds on the PL/1 Fundamentals course. It explains how to build a structured program in the language. It also describes many of the common built-in functions.


Application programmers who maintain and develop commercial and scientific PL/1 programs


Knowledge of programming concepts and experience with mainframe system architecture


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define program flow control
  • Define iteration and looping
  • Identify the storage attributes
  • Define built-in functions

Course Content

Program Flow Control

Procedure Blocks and Groups
Programming Constructs
Branching and Conditional Processing
Internal and External and Function Procedures
Passing Data between Procedures

Iteration and Looping

Constructs of Loops
WHILE and UNTIL Loop Control
REPEAT Control
Nested Loops

Storage Attributes and Scope

Storage Allocation Concepts
Variables and Storage
PL/1 Storage Classes
Pointer Variables and their Functions
Overlaying and Storage Redefinition
Storage Allocation Attributes

Built-In Functions

Built-In Function Declaration
Common String Handling Built-In Functions
Arithmetic Built-In Functions Performing Calculations
Array Handling Built-In Functions
Nesting Built-In Functions

PL/1 Program Design Techniques Mastery Test