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Project Schedule Management


13 hours


This course is suitable for anyone who needs to develop an understanding of Project Time Management principles aligned to the PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition.


Successful completion of the “Introduction to Project Management and PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition” module.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define and sequence required project activities into an activity list
  • Estimate the resources and duration required to complete project activities
  • Distinguish between different types of project schedule network diagrams and construct one
  • Identify the types of dependencies and logical relationships used in precedence diagramming
  • Define the critical path method, its purpose, and locate it in a project network diagram
  • Find the earliest and latest start and finish times for each activity in a network
  • Interpret the graphical representation of float on a network diagram
  • Apply the critical chain method to a project schedule network diagram
  • Construct a Gantt chart use it as a means of tracking progress
  • Define resource optimization and techniques to perform it
  • Locate sources of information on resource utilization and interpret the data shown
  • Apply what-if scenario analysis to a project schedule and evaluate the output
  • Assess the risks associated with not completing activities on schedule
  • Differentiate between methods of schedule compression and apply them to a project schedule
  • Perform calendar scheduling
  • Interpret a project calendar and its relationship to the project schedule network diagram
  • Compare actual project and project activity costs against budgeted costs
  • Recognize when updates to the project plan are necessary and the procedures to follow to implement then
  • Select appropriate scheduling tools and techniques for project reporting

Course Content

Introducing Project Schedule Management

Project Activity List Introduction
Order of Activities

Creating a Project Schedule Network Diagram

The Project Network
Constructing a Project Network
Network Conventions
Precedence Notation

The Critical Path Method for Network Analysis

Paths Through the Network
The Critical Path

The Critical Path Method and Schedule Analysis

Finding the Critical Path in Complex Networks
Critical Path Analysis
The Forward Pass
The Backward Pass

The Critical Path Method and Float Calculation

Total Float
Calculating the Float
Multiple Critical Paths
Working with Computer-Based Planning Tools
Total Float and Free Float

Resource Optimization

Schedule Network Technique

The Gantt Chart

Elements of the Gantt Chart
Tracking Actual Progress

Resource Optimization Techniques

Resource Management
Resource Smoothing and Leveling
Leveling Resource C
Smoothing Resource B
Resource/Activity Histograms

What-If Scenario Analysis

What-If? Analysis
Implications of Change
Project Activity Chart

Schedule Compression Techniques

Schedule Compression
Time/Cost Analysis
Chart Information

Develop the Project Calendar

Scheduling to Dates
Scheduling Constraints and Milestones
Assigning Calendar Dates

Controlling a Project’s Schedule

Network Analysis
Monitoring Project Status
Defining Activities
Updating the Project Plan
Controlling the Project
Recap of Reports
Progress Reporting