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REXX Built-In Functions


6 hours


The REXX Built-In Functions course describes the standard built-in functions that are available with REXX.


Personnel requiring an introduction to REXX and an understanding of the fundamentals of programming in REXX.


Basic understanding of data processing concepts, some basic programming skills and completion of the Introduction to REXX and REXX Keywords Instructions courses or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Describe and use REXX Built-In Functions
  • Identify and use String Functions
  • Identify and use Text and Word Functions
  • Identify and use Numeric, Justification and Conversion Functions
  • Identify and use Environmental Functions
  • Identify and use File Processing Functions

Course Content

String Functions

Coding and Using REXX Built-In Functions
Manipulating Strings with Functions
Locating and Comparing Data in Strings

Text and Word Functions

Using Text Functions
Using Word Functions

Numeric, Justification and Conversion Functions

Using Numeric Functions
Using Justification Functions
Using Conversion Functions

REXX Environment Functions

Using Miscellaneous Environmental Functions
Using Environmental Functions in Error routines
Using System Environmental Functions

File Processing Functions

Using Steaming Functions
Reading and Writing by Characters
Reading and Writing by Lines

REXX Built-In Functions Mastery Test