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RPG/400 Introduction


6 hours


The RPG/400 – Introduction explains the fundamental features and structure of a Report Program Generator (RPG) program. It also describes the concepts of RPG programming.


Personnel requiring an introduction to RPG programming in a Green-Screen Environment


Knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the IBM i operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of RPG Programming, including the structure of RPG, the RPG cycle, and the flow of control through an RPG program
  • Identify specification sheets
  • Recognize RPG data types, opcodes, and indicators
  • Identify variables and constants
  • Define the functioning of arrays, elements, and data structures
  • Recognize RPG/400 naming standards
  • Identify functioning indicators and major groups of indicators
  • Identify how to use and avoid certain indicators

Course Content

Introduction to RPG/400 Programming Language

Introduction to RPG
History and Development of RPG

Overview of the RPG/400 Language

RPG Overview
Specification Sheets
Structure of RPG

Data Types

RPG Data Types
Alphanumeric Fields
Numeric Fields

Arrays and Data Structures

Data Structures

Naming Standards and Indicators

Naming Standards

Advanced Indicators

Introduction to Indicators
Changing Indicators
Special Purpose Indicators
Indicator Usage
Indicator Usage Map

RPG/400 Introduction Mastery Test