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RPG/400 Workstation Programming


4 hours


The RPG/400 – Workstation Programming Introduction course shows how to design and develop screen layouts and how the program can interact with the user to deliver and accept data.


Personnel requiring knowledge of RPG/400 programming in a Green-Screen Environment


Knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the IBM i operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how RPG Uses Display Files for 5250 Communication Purposes
  • Describe the Code Used to Create a Simple RPG Program
  • Identify the RPG Code Required for Screen Input and Output
  • Describe how Subroutines are Invoked From RPG Code
  • Identify the RPG Code used to Update Database Records

Course Content

Display Files

Review Display Files
Data Definition Specifications for Display Files

Display and Read

“Hello World” Program
Screen Layout
Reading the Screen

Multiple Screens

DDS Coding for Multiple Screens
Coding a Maintenance Program

RPG/400 Workstation Programming Mastery Test