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SA z/OS – Advanced Automation and Reporting


4 hours


The SA z/OS – Advanced Automation and Reporting course, introduces the learner to some more advanced implementation and configuration possibilities focusing on end-to-end automation, and the automation of CICS, IMS, and Db2 environments. It also looks at various methods used to report on the policy database content, automation activity, and statistics produced by SMF relating to automation usage.


This course is suitable for IBM Z System Automation administrators.


Successful completion the Interskill SA z/OS – IBM Z System Automation course, or equivalent knowledge. The CICS, IMS, and Db2 automation module requires the learner to have a solid understanding of those products.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe the Function of End-to-End Automation Components
  • Describe Definitions Required for End-to-End Automation
  • Explain How Sample Policies for CICS, IMS, and Db2 Are Imported into the Current Policy
  • Describe Policy Items Required for CICS, IMS, and Db2 Automation
  • Enter Commands Used to Display and Manipulate CICS, IMS, and Db2 Automation Resources
  • Create Reports that Identify Possible Issues with the Policy Database
  • Invoke Operator Commands and Dialogs to Report on Automation Activity
  • Obtain Statistical SMF Data that can be Imported into a Spreadsheet

Course Content

IBM System Automation for z/OS – Advanced Automation: End-to-End Automation

End-to-End (E2E) Automation Concepts
Configuring E2E Domains
Resource References
E2E Best Practice Policy
Enabling NetView E/AS
E2E Agent Credential File
Starting the E2E Agent and Adapter
Commands Interacting with E2E Resources
Stopping the E2E Agent

IBM System Automation for z/OS – Advanced Automation: Implementing CICS, IMS, and Db2 Automation

CICS Add-On Policy
CICS Automation Operator
CICS Application Groups
CICS Applications
IMS Add-On-Policy
IMS Policy Items
IMS Special Recovery Functions
INGIMS Command
Db2 Policy Items
Db2 Automation Example
INGDB2 Command

IBM System Automation for z/OS – Automation Reports

Report Creation Options
Creating Policy Database Reports
HTML and Flat File Reports
Saving a Report to a z/OS UNIX File
Reports Using Operator Commands and Command Dialogs
INGRPT Command
Using SMF to Gather Automation Information
Importing SMF Automation Data to a Spreadsheet
Analyzing SMF Data

SA z/OS – Advanced Automation and Reporting Mastery Test