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SA z/OS – IBM System Automation: Operations


3 hours


The SA z/OS – IBM System Automation: Operations course, focuses on the SA z/OS administration and monitoring tasks performed by operations and administrator personnel. Initial content looks at initializing SA z/OS, and describes start-up options that can be invoked for the automation manager and automation agent. Tasks that allow you to refresh automation configuration data, and enable automation through the use of automation flags, pacing gates and runmodes is also discussed. SA z/OS functionality that may unintentionally inhibit automation activity, and how these issues are resolved is also covered.A detailed look at the commands and tools used to display and manage SA z/OS activity is provided, and details associated with diagnosing and resolving common problems is discussed.


This course is suitable for IBM Z System Automation administrators and operators who need to start and shut-down SA z/OS, and manage its activity.


Successful completion of the Interskill SA z/OS – IBM Z System Automation course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Start the automation manager and agent and view their status
  • Describe how automation flags, pacing gates, and runmodes are used
  • Describe how thresholds, events and triggers, and schedules can inhibit system automation
  • Invoke operator commands to display the status of resources
  • Stop and start application resources
  • Identify troubleshooting methods that may prevent automation functionality

Course Content

IBM System Automation for z/OS – Operations Management

Files Used During Automation Manager Start-up
Automation Manager Initialization and Shut-down
Initializing the Automation Agent
Verifying the Status of the Automation Manager and Agent
Refreshing Automation Configuration Files
Switching the Primary Automation Manager
Controlling Automation Flags
Displaying and Controlling Pacing
Displaying and Managing Runmodes
Managing Notify Operator Attributes
Resource Thresholds
Displaying and Managing Schedules
Events and Triggers

IBM System Automation for z/OS – Operations Monitoring

Commands and Modes
Command Syntax
Using INGLIST and INGINFO to Display Resource Details
Subsystem Information Using DISPSTAT
Displaying Historical Data Using INGHIST
Determining Resource Relationships Using INGRELS
Using INGREQ to Shut-down and Start-up Resources
Displaying Pending Requests Using INGVOTE
Starting Applications
Suspending Resources Using INGSUSPD
Monitoring with the Status Display Facility
Displaying Monitor Resources Using DISPMTR
OMEGAMON XE Monitoring
Using INGWHY for Problem Analysis
Displaying Messages Using INGMSGS
AOCTRACE Dialog and Debugging
Collecting Information Using Netlog, Canzlog, and Syslog

SA z/OS – IBM System Automation: Operations Mastery Test