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SDSF – Advanced Job Management and Monitoring 2.5


3 hours



The SDSF – Advanced Job Management and Monitoring course describes how the SDSF MAS panel is used to display MAS member status and attributes. Commands used to display MAS member and JES2 statistics are presented as well as commands used to control MAS member activity. Various SDSF panels, used to obtain in-depth job analysis information, are examined, describing how they can be used to determine performance or aid in job resolution.


Operations and programming staff that use SDSF to monitor and manipulate batch job activity.


Completion of the following courses:

  • SDSF – Job Activity Basics
  • SDSF – Controlling and Managing Jobs

or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Display MAS-related data and enter commands used to control MAS Member activity
  • Identify the function of Scheduling Environments and the commands used to update their attributes
  • Explain how the Job Delay panel can be used to identify job-related issues
  • Describe how the Job Steps Panel can be used to provide more details about job activity

Course Content

Managing Job Workflow

Displaying MAS Activity
Updating MAS Definitions
Starting, Stopping and Resetting a MAS Member
Accessing Scheduling Environment Data
Displaying and Updating Resources Used by Scheduling Environments
Listing Jobs Using a Scheduling Environment

Advanced Job Activity Monitoring

Identifying Device Usage Using the Job Device Panel
Displaying Data Set Allocations from the Job DDName Panel
Displaying Job Step Information Using the Job Step Panel
Troubleshooting Job Problems Using the Job Delay Panel
Monitoring and Managing Job Groups
Displaying WLM policies and service classes

SDSF – Advanced Job Management and Monitoring 2.5 Mastery Test