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SDSF – Advanced – Tips and Tricks 2.5


1 hour



This course contains many SDSF-related tips, tricks, techniques, and best-practice items that you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. It covers several new areas of functionality associated with z/OS.


Operations and programming staff that use SDSF on a daily basis.


It is assumed that the student has successfully completed previous SDSF courses in this curricula, with the exception of the SDSF – Using SDSF to Perform Advanced System Monitoring course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify opportunities where SDSF can be used to improve monitoring and management of system activity.

Course Content

Tips and Tricks – SDSF

Rearranging SDSF Columns
Naming Screens Using the SET SCRNAME Command
Displaying Output
Searching the Help
Moving Between Output Groups
Using the Auto Update
Using the SNAPSHOT Command to Save Tabular Screen Data
System Command Extension Pop-Up Panel
Issuing Actions from the Command Line
Displaying Row Numbers
Updating Tabular Display Content
Searching System Data Sets for a Member
Extending the NP Column
Creating Custom REXX Execs
Invoking a REXX Exec on a SDSF Row