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SDSF – Job Activity Basics 2.5


3 hours



The SDSF – Job Activity Basics course describes how job activity can be displayed using the Input, Display Active and Status SDSF panels. It discusses how the attributes of jobs including their status, can be modified by overtyping existing values, or by entering commands.


Operations and programming staff that use SDSF to monitor and manipulate batch job activity.


Completion of the following SDSF courses:

  • SDSF – Introduction and Basic Concepts
  • SDSF – Working with SDSF Data

or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Display job, started task, and TSO user activity
  • Modify the attributes of jobs

Course Content

Displaying Job Activity

Understanding Job Processing
Displaying Input Queue Activity
Using the Display Active Users Panel
Job Activity through the Status Panel
Using the Job Group Panel

Modifying Job Attributes

Modifying a Job’s Class
Updating Job Priority
Changing a Job’s Service Class
Updating a Job’s Execution Node, System Affinity and Scheduling Environment
Quiescing and Resuming Jobs

SDSF – Job Activity Basics 2.5 Mastery Test