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SDSF – Operations 2.5


1 hour


The SDSF – Operations course discusses how SDSF is configured and initialized. It looks at the commands used to start and stop SDSF servers and the use of the MODIFY command to update server attributes and invoke tracing and debug facilities.


Operators and System Programmers who require an understanding of SDSF components and operation.


Completion of the SDSF – Introduction and Basic Concepts course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how ISFPARMS is used to specify SDSF initialization requirements
  • Start, stop, and modify SDSF servers
  • Identify steps to be taken when SDSF problems occur

Course Content

Operating the SDSF Server

Initializing SDSF
Starting and Stopping the SDSF Server
SDSFAUX Address Space
Displaying and Modifying SDSF Server Attributes
Displaying Server Communications Details
Identifying SDSF Server Problems
SDSF Authorization
SDSF Abends
Using a SDSF Trace