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SDSF – Using SDSF to Manage System Resources and Devices 2.4


6 hours


The SDSF – Using SDSF to Manage System Resources and Devices course describes the use of the IBM Health Checker and explains commands that can be used to run, delete, restore, activate and deactivate a check. Displaying and interpreting JES2 resource data is covered along with the process of handling system requests and action messages. Details associated with displaying and managing spool, and JES2 node and line activity are also explained.


Operations and programming staff that use SDSF to monitor and manage JES2 resources.


Completion of the SDSF Concepts and Operation course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Display and manipulate IBM Health Checks
  • Identify JES2 resource shortages
  • Respond to WTOR and action messages
  • Display JES2 spool volume activity
  • Perform a JES2 spool offload
  • Display and manipulate JES2 node and line characteristics

Course Content

Monitoring System Health

Starting and Stopping the IBM Health Checker for z/OS
Displaying Health Checker Data
Displaying Historical Data
Deactivating and Activating a Check
Deleting and Restoring a Check
Running a Check

Handling JES2 Resources and System Requests

Displaying JES2 Resource Information
Interpreting Resource Monitor Data
Updating JES2 Resource Definitions
Identifying Types of System Requests
Responding to a WTOR Message
Deleting Action Messages

Controlling Spool

Displaying Spool Volume Activity
Updating Spool Volume Characteristics
Displaying and Removing Jobs from a Spool Volume
Draining and Starting a Spool Volume
Understanding the Spool Offload Process
Configuring a Spool Offload Device
Starting and Stopping a Spool Offload

Managing Node, NJE and RJE Lines

Displaying Node Characteristics
Interpreting the Status of a Node
Holding Jobs Received from another Node
Starting Node Communications
Displaying JES2 Line Data
Understanding Job and Sysout Transmitters and Receivers
Draining and Starting a JES2 Line

Using SDSF to Manage System Resources and Devices Mastery Test