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SDSF – Working with SDSF Data 2.5


4 hours



The SDSF – Working with SDSF Data course explains how data is located in SDSF screens and the use of filtering commands to display specific information. A description of SDSF logs and how they are used is also presented.


Any staff requiring an overview of SDSF functionality.


Completion of the SDSF – Introduction and Basic Concepts course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Filter SDSF screen data
  • Reformat SDSF screens
  • Use logs to display system activity

Course Content

Filtering Screen Data

Displaying and Hiding Filtering Criteria
Filtering by Job Name, Destination, Owner and System Name
Filtering by Temporary Selection
Using the Filter Command
Filtering Options in the Operlog
Filtering Using the Action Bar

Searching for and Reconfiguring Data

Using the Find and Locate Commands
Arranging Screen Columns
Modifying Column Widths
Displaying Sort Filters
Defining Sort Criteria

Accessing and Interpreting Log Data

Accessing the Log
Understanding and Responding to WTOR Messages
Differences between SYSLOG and OPERLOG
Filtering the OPERLOG
OPERLOG Message Coloring
Working with the User Log

SDSF – Working with SDSF Data 2.5 Mastery Test